About Us

Kodinga is an online shopping platform that provides consumers with a simple way to save money. Just by shopping through our site, you can earn credit on all your purchases. It’s free to sign up and so easy to use.

Browse our wide selection of online retailers to view the earning percentages they offer, and then click the link and shop from these merchants like you usually do. You’ll receive a percentage of each purchase you make in earnings on Kodinga. Earn while you shop—it’s really that easy!

Users can donate their earnings to our partner fundraising groups, use for gift cards, or soon use it to get special features in their favorite smartphone apps. It’s a wonderful way to support the causes that matter to you without spending more than you normally would. Feel good about the purchases you make knowing you helped your favorite cause with Kodinga.

Want to be a Kodinga partner and earn revenue from purchases your referrals make, contact us if:

  • You are fundraising to help raise money for a good cause.
  • You have a website that can send a lot of new traffic to Kodinga.
  • You are a blogger with a good following looking for a better way to earn revenue.
  • If you don't fall into any of the above, contact us and let's chat!

At Kodinga, we understand that a partnership only works if it is beneficial for all parties involved. We will work with you to customize a plan that works for you, your customers, and us! It's a win, win, win!