Kodinga is a shopping site where you earn cash back for each purchase made through the store links on our website. The amount of cash you receive depends on your purchase, and the store.
Once you sign in to Kodinga, find a store you wish to shop at or a coupon you wish to use. When you click on the link for your choice, a new window will open to that merchant, and you can shop as you normally do. The store will report any purchases you make back to Kodinga, and we will credit your Kodinga account with the proper cashback amount. Initially the cash back will show as pending, but once the store pays us, we will pay you according to our payment schedule. We pay our members every 3 months. Shopping through Kodinga can save you a lot of money!
Kodinga is free to use and earn cashback. We do offer premium membership levels called Silver and Gold Memberships. Silver Membership will allow you to earn 1.5x cashback at all our merchants for 1 year. Gold Membership will allow you to earn DOUBLE cashback at all our merchants all the time for a year.
If you do very little shopping online, the Free membership is probably the best plan for you since it will save you money on your purchases. If you shop more often, the Silver Membership is great because you will earn significanly more cashback. If you are a heavy online shopper, the Gold Membership can save you a ton of money. No matter which membership level you choose, you will be saving money. The choice just depends on how much you really want to save.
The My Account section will help you track all your purchases.
Returns are subject to the return policy of the store where you purchased the item. Exchanges generally void any cash back due to the merchant's systems. It is recommended that if you want to exchange an item, return it, and then make a new purchase through the merchant's Kodinga link.
Every 3 months we will send you a check in the mail for the qualifying cashback you earned in the previous quarter that Kodinga has received from it's merchants. Cashback will be sent once you have accumulated $10.00 in earned cashback.
Typically you will see your purchase listed under My Account between 48 hours to 1 week after the purchase is made depending on when the merchant reports it to us. We send checks every 3 months. Quarterly checks contain payments for purchases made once the payment has been made to Kodinga from the merchant, and the merchant's transaction reversal period has ended. Generally payments will be made the quarter following the purchase.